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1) What is ase-ng’s working principle?

ase-ng works with a unique jamming technology. Jamming creates a magnetic firewall around the card reader bezel and prevents the operation of any skimming device.

2) How can one understand if the unit is working correctly or not?

The unit itself will tell you its current status, either with the use of small led lights on the unit or by the remote monitoring feature. There are 10 different error/threat cases reported by led indicators or monitored from the remote.

3) Can it be configured and/or be customized according to customers’ needs?

Yes, it can be fully customized if required. Our engineers are dedicated to continuously develop and improve ase-ng in line with our customers’ needs

4) Can it work with all ATM / SST brands and models?

Yes. ase-ng is compatible with all ATM and self-service terminals. Custom cable sets are available for each ATM model.

5) Once installed and in service on one ATM/SST brand/model, can it be later installed on a different model/brand and service?

Yes, your investment is always safe and secure. All that is required when installing ase-ng in a different ATM/SST, is to replace the cable set and update the firmware if needed.

6) Will ase-ng cause problems to the normal operation of the ATM/SST it is installed in?

No, it will not. ase-ng creates jamming during card insert or reject period, there is no interference to card reader or any other module. Thousands of ase-ng are working on many different brand and model without any problem.

7) I am suspicious. Is it harmful to the human health?

No, it is not. ase-ng has CE document. The unit is completely safe. ase-ng broadcasts its jamming signal in a very low frequency (KHZ) and is designed to affect only the fraudulent skimming devices in a secure radius.

8) How is ase-ng powered? Does it have an external power supply?

No, ase-ng unit is powered from the ATM/SST.

9) Does it overload the ATM Power supply?

No, the unit consumes very little power.

10) Can ase-ng be bypassed by external attempts?

ase-ng has got a smart and unique jamming technology. It is almost impossible to bypass it with known techniques of analog, digital or stereo skimming.

11) How will ASE-NG be remotely monitored?

There is an advanced remote monitoring and management software which is best in the market. There is an easy to use graphical web user interface to monitor 10 different status and error/threat case in real time. The system can be integrated or fully adopted to an existing monitoring system over web services.

12) Can it be monitored with all the operating systems?

Yes, it can be monitored with all the Windows operating systems.

13) How easy is it to install ase-ng?

After a short training about the installation procedure, any person can easily install or uninstall ase-ng.

14) How long is the warranty period of the device?

The standard warranty is 1 year after the purchase, however extended warranty can also be purchased.

15) Can the ASE-NG be affected by different enviromental conditions ?

Because ase-ng does not have any moving parts, it is therefore not affected by different environmental conditions.

16) How can ASE-NG be function-tested after installation?

A test tool is provided to the field technicians. Tester is used to test the signal quality.

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