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  • Overlay Skimming Protection (M1 & M2)
  • Inlay Skimming/Shimming Protection (M3)
  • Skimmer Detection
  • Card Trapping Protection



  • Keeps off-site ATMs Safe & Secure
  • Facilitates your ATM Operations
  • Increases ATM Service Quality
  • Saving from ATM Operation Costs



  • Expandable Design
  • Easy to upgrade with new security kits
  • Always up-to-date, always secure
  • Longer life time and best return on investment.


ase5 offers the best value with many exclusive features.

Smart, Connected, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Purpose Security Hub

ase5 in white 5

First time in the industry

  • Smart anti-shimmer & anti-insert skimmer
  • Control power of display & dispenser
  • Expansion slot for extra sensors, switches and 220V relays
  • Real time error monitoring
  • Remote hardware control
  • Compatible with every card reader (5V <–> 30V, Dip & Motorized)

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  • Protects
  • Detects
  • Measures
  • Controls
  • Connects
  • – Protection against analog skimming and digital skimming

    – Protection against mono skimming and stereo skimming

    – Protection against overlay skimmers (M1 & M2 area)

    – Protection against inlay (deep-insert) skimmers (M3 area)

    – Protection against shimmers for chip cards

    – Protection against eaves-dropping attacks

    – Protection at D1 area of dip readers.

  • – Detects overlay skimmers. Adaption to every bezel type

    – Detects inlay (deep-insert) skimmers

    – Detects shimmers for chip card

    – Detects fascia drilling

    – Detects door open status

    – Detects tilt and vibration

  • – Measures temperature and humidity

    – Measures current level and electricity cut status

    – Measures voltage level

    – Custom Development…

  • – Controls air condition

    – Controls in / out lighting

    – Controls any 110V / 220V device

    – Custom Rule definition

    – Custom Development…


  • – Remotely monitored

    – Remotely managed

    – Remotely updated


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All About Skimming

Comprehensive Information about card skimming fraud gathered from various electronic resources.

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Fraud Statistics

Card Skimming is a globally organized crime. Card skimming is #1 among card based fraud and cash losses. Skimming is 98% of total ATM Card Fraud Loss in Europe.

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ase5 (Anti-Skimming Eye 5) is a new concept of ATM security. ase5 protects banks and card holders from card skimming, card shimming, card trapping and also monitors and manages the ATM environment for a more secure surrounding, higher service quality, lower operational costs.

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