The Ultimate Solution on Anti-Skimming



Anti-Skimming Eye New Generation (ase-ng)

ase-ng (Anti-Skimming Eye New Generation ) is the new generation and ultimate solution of anti-skimming.


ase-ng is the most reliable solution against analog, mono and stereo skimming techniques.


ase-ng is the first solution coming with its own remote monitoring and management tool. 

Proactive and Deterring

Retroactive solutions always keeps you one step behind the fraudsters. Your security strategy must be proactive and deterring.

Proven Jamming Technology

ase-ng creates a secure electro-magnetic zone around the card reader. Thus, even an undetectable skimming device is attached, it is useless during all the transaction period.

Ultimate Solution

With the existing skimming devices today, it is impossible to copy a card used in an ATM/SST secured by ase-ng.


Easy to Install

Easy to install with clear guidelines. Any field technician can install ase-ng in minutes. No software change, no extra harware requirement.

Smart & Reliable

The ase-ng is being activated from the time the magnetic card is entered into the reader till it is with drawn from it, preventing the card data from being copied (skimmed) by emitting an electro-magnetic field around the card reader.

Legacy Solutions vs. High-Tech Attacks

Most of the anti-skimming products in the market are based on detect>stop>report work flow. What if they can’t detect? Are you protected from high-tech fraudsters and not yet invented methods?

performance2Superior Field Performance

Plug & Forget.
Self protection mode against external attacks and automatic resume,
No need for calibration,
Powerful antenna with higher output level,

cross vendorMulti Vendor Solution

ase-ng is a multi vendor solution. It is easly installed any brand and model of ATM or other self service terminals. You may even replace the product to any device in your installed base just by adopting the cables.

Protect Your Investment!



ase-ng is under your control. Connect ase-ng through USB or RS-232. You can easily adopt to your monitoring system, or you can provide it from us.

A world standard SDK is provided including API, sample codes, control panel.

There are 9 different status codes providing you detailed data.

sunum2Protect & Retain

ase-ng protects and retains your;
– Brand,
– Reputation,
– Customer Confidence,
– Investment,
– and Money,