Fraud Statistics

Card Skimming is a globally organised crime.

Card skimming is #1 among card based fraud and cash losses.

Skimming is 98% of total ATM Card Fraud Loss in Europe.


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ase-ng is provided by BVK.

BVK is an ATM solutions company with more than 20 years of experience in payment systems world.

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ase-ng protects and retains your;
– Brand,
– Reputation,
– Customer Confidence,
– Investment,
– and Money,

Thousands are installed in more than 20 countries.

Many tests applied, has all certifications required,

Adopted to existing monitoring systems,

No no failure, no complain so far.


Plug & Forget.
Self protection mode against external attacks and automatic resume,
No need for calibration,
Powerful antenna with higher output level,
Easy to install with clear guidelines.

ase-ng is under your control. Connect ase-ng through USB or RS-232.

You can easily adopt to your monitoring system, or you can provide it from us.

A world standard SDK is provided including API, sample codes, control panel.

There are 9 different status codes providing you detailed data.

ase-ng is a multi vendor solution. It is easly installed any brand and model of ATM or other self service terminals. You may even replace the product to any device in your installed base just by adopting the cables.

Protect Your Investment!

ase-ng (Anti-Skimming Eye New Generation ) is a solution developed to fight against fraudulent attempts using magnetic card skimming.

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Comprehensive Information about card skimming fraud gathered from various electronic resources.

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